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corda consulting.

Who we are

Cowan Remote Development and Analysis (Corda) Consulting provides multifaceted services across a number of fields from coastal zone management to software development. Our mission is to evolve the ways people interact with technology and the environment and our drive is to one day combine these passions in our work.


Founded in 2018 by Thomas Cowan upon graduation from Delft Univerisity of Technology with a Masters in Coastal Engineering, Corda Consulting provides regular software development services for back-end Internet of Things applications. We also actively pursue and engage opportunities to maintain our ties to the coastal engineering community with a specialization in the projection of long term environmental trends associated with a changing world.

Current Projects

Internet of Things

We are an active contributor to Control Envy, an Internet of Things company bringing modern development tools to help businesses in the United States manage their work environment.

Localized Climate Projections

We are currently in the research and development phase of an initiative to make the prediction of changes to environmental conditions in the coastal zone more accessible to engineers, students, and planners in support of climate-resilient planning principles.

Global Erosion Assessment

We are applying the Dynamic Interactive Vulnerability Assessment (DIVA) model in conjunction with scientific data sets to develop global projections for the impacts of beach erosion due to sea level rise over the 21st Century.


DCL Siemens Ltd, 2012 - 2014

Engineer in Training

MPE Engineering Ltd, 2014 - 2016

Engineer in Training

Adelyte, 2018 - present

Software Development Consultant


Thomas Cowan, Owner

[email protected]